Director of Instructional Services

A Message from Ms. Teresa Glavin
Director of Instructional Services and Dean of Students

is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Although every school has issues, I am very proud of all that MCS stands for and the opportunities our faculty and staff offer our students. We believe in EXCELLENCE and strive for it every day.  It is an essential quarter of our MCS Crest. Endeavoring for it each day sustains our compassion and empathy for students, staff, parents, and the community, as well as our expectations for academic success and our commitment to guide all at MCS in their journey to become the best version of themselves.  Our mission to prepare students for their life beyond school involves us at MCS offering excellent opportunities to grow holistically.

One incredibly exciting opportunity to assist in this journey is our implementation of the systematic program encouraging and rewarding good behavior called Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, or PBIS. With PBIS, we will teach kids about behaviors and emotions, as well as a means to cope and reflect on their behaviors. The focus of PBIS is prevention, not punishment. We will be starting with our PreK-5 students, doing a little with our MS, and over the course of 3-5 years we will extend the program to HS students. This program aligns with and will sustain all the work we have done with Mindfulness, the process of bringing one’s attention to experiences happening in the present moment. Our PBIS team of guidance counselors, the CSE chair/school psychologist, Bassett School-Based Health counselor, CROP Coordinator, BOE member, administration, teachers and assistants who interact with students in the classrooms, hallways, at lunch, and at recess have been planning this last year to kick-off this September! We look forward to seeing a positive impact from this program as our students demonstrate their “paw-someness”!

Yet another excellent opportunity to teach to the whole child is providing time to learn and practice meditation and Yoga. Our own Ms. Swatling trained this summer to be a certified Yoga instructor. She will be offering time at lunches to practice it as well as incorporate it into our middle school Life Skills class. In some cases instead of serving a traditional detention as a consequence for a Code of Conduct infraction, a student may take a session on meditation as a means to learn coping skills and positive behavioral strategies. I have also been in search of therapy animals for this year. I reached out to a Milford alumni who came highly recommended as having therapy dogs, and happily we will be welcoming her and her 2 therapy dogs, Prince and Isabel, from Therapy Dogs, International, Inc. to come into the school to assist with our mission. Be on the look-out for a permission slip to participate with activities involving these cuddly pooches! 

In conclusion, I am excited to start the school year. It will be surely filled with EXCELLENCE! I can’t wait to see everyone with their smiles on eager to start the new school year on Tuesday, September 3rd.