Posted on 09/15/2020

To All Tri-Valley Member Schools, Parents and Student-Athletes:

It is with a great deal of regret that we are informing you that the Tri-Valley will not be participating in the Fall 2020 athletic season that is scheduled to begin on September 21, 2020 as per the vote taken by Section IV yesterday and today.  The Tri-Valley member school superintendents and athletic directors were unanimously in favor of the vote to postpone the fall season until March 1, 2021 as part of a condensed three-season proposal from NYSPHSAA.

It is our position that safely bringing students back into the building for academics is paramount and should take precedent over any efforts to resume athletic competition.  We are also concerned about inconsistencies between the NYSPHSAA guidance for athletics and NYSED guidance for in-person education.  For example, students have to be 12 feet apart for PE classes and music classes according to NYSED guidance, but the NYSPHSAA guidance considers soccer a lower risk sport where athletes can make close contact.  We feel that the discrepancies between these two pieces of guidance need to be resolved before we feel comfortable allowing athletes back into competitive situations.

While the postponement of our fall athletic seasons is certainly disappointing, should the health and safety data in our region allow for us to resume athletics we look forward to giving our student-athletes the opportunity to participate in three sports seasons determined by Section IV with sectional play available for all three seasons.