AIS Job Description

What Does the Compensatory Education Coordinator Do?

General Description:
He/She will coordinate all compensatory programs within the District.

Basic Functions and Responsibilities:

My primary responsibility is to teach, support and advocate for students in academic intervention services. This includes being sure all students who meet the eligibility requirements for AIS in grades K-12, are given these services. I ensure parents are informed of the services we provide as a district to their child.

Complete all Compensatory Education Grant Applications
   a. Assist with budget portion.

Complete any and all Title I, Title II A and D, and Title V forms upon request from the State Education Department.
   a.  NYSSIS Data
   b. Program improvement.
   c. Sustain gains studies

Keep the school district appraised of compensatory program regulations.

Conduct congruence meetings.

Provide orientation for all compensatory instructors as relates to:
   a. Compensatory Education Regulations
   b. Student record keeping
   c. Parent reporting
   d. Congruence
   e. Scheduling

Monitoring compensatory staff to ensure compliance with State guidelines.

Provide assistance with district administration of standardized tests, NYS tests in: reading, writing, math, social studies and science. 

Act as a liaison between the
School District and the State Education Department.