My Links
for spa 3 class
Link - description
los tres osos
regents verb practice
regents vocab practice
regents verb form practice
Regents vocab practice 3
Link - description
comjugations back
como te llamas tu
vocab practice
Link - description
build your animal
Please use this site to practice your vocabulary. You will need to search senorafreer and then join my groups. The group name is MCS Spanish ____ (whatever class you are in) and the password is mcsspanish. You will need to have an account but it is free!
build a burrito
Practice vocab and verbs by trying to build a burrito
Realidades practice
Use this resource to practice vocabulary and grammar. It also contains listening exercises to go along with the text that we sometimes use in class.
sentence practice
ASPN 103
Link - description
ser and estar practice 1
ser and estar practice 2
ser and estar practice 3
ser and estar practice 4
subjunctive vs indicative practice
subjunctive practice
aztecwebsite 1
aztecwebsite 2
Direct object pronoun practice
verb practice
Link - description
Use to practice conjugating verbs
preterite and imperfect
Choose the correct verb, preterite or imperfect
subjunctive practice
Link - description
Everything Spanish
This website has many links to information, games, verb help, dictionaries, countries, etc.
Here are the cheesey rap songs I make you listen to in class-:) plus there are several items for vocab review/practice.
for spa 1 class
Link - description
countries locations and capitals
tv guide
los deportes
South American capitals
Central American capitals
Map practice
more map practice
even more map practice
Spanish 8
Link - description
numberpractice 1
number practice 2
quién es quién
current events
Link - description
Another site with newspapers from Spanish speaking countries.