Director of Instructional Services

A Message from Ms. Teresa Glavin
Director of Instructional Services and Dean of Students

To all of the Milford Central School District students, parents, guardians, family members, school staff and community members, I sincerely hope that you have been blessed these last few months with good health and wellness, joy, and opportunities to soak in some summer sunshine and warmth to rejuvenate you in anticipation of our new school year! I am very excited to be preparing for in-person instruction and welcoming students and staff back into the building, even though we may still be practicing additional safety protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Regardless of what the regulations might be, I am encouraged by the resilience already demonstrated thus far, and I am confident we will support our students and one another throughout the year in all capacities. I am always inspired by our compassionate school community and ever grateful for the exceptional support extended to one another. In fact, there is no sufficient amount of words that can sum up my own personal level of appreciation for all this school community has done for me. It is because of all that, I am committed to providing robust support, guidance, empathy and positivity to all as we move forward!

Even in the selection of this year’s school-wide theme, much consideration was given to our projected evolution. I share with you a quote that embraces the essence of how we will nurture hope, new energy, a positive mindset, and the path forward to participate in scripting some of what our future holds. 

“Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some are happy, and some are exciting, but if you never turn the page you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you.”  -Anonymous

At MCS we are ready to turn the page and start The Next Chapter! Regardless if you reflect on COVID, masks, the rifts in social justice, politics, limited connections and isolation, technology issues, financial strife, remote learning and school closings, or any other hurdle you have jumped, we can most likely agree, what we survived is one for the books! It will not be forgotten for certain and most all of the issues we faced, are forged in our personal stories as well as our global history. Thus, the Comprehensive District Educational Plan (CDEP) Team decided on this theme because it encompasses our rebounding spirit, projected growth, and forward momentum. The Next Chapter for Milford will continue to uphold all the essential values of having strong school Pride, offering Respect to all, demonstrating Honesty, and exhibiting Excellence, both in academics and social-emotional-physical well-being. I look forward to many creative activities and assemblies presented on this theme!

As we move into The Next Chapter  MCS will still maintain student-centered learning that will engage in reflective and intellectually stimulating skill and knowledge building lessons and activities, plus provide opportunities to build relationships and support students in social-emotional learning through individual student check-ins, mentoring, and community circles. We will continue to strive to celebrate successes and encourage a positive school climate and culture with MCS purple Paw Prints, an elementary Morning Program, Gregory Good Deed awards, MS/HS Principal’s Assemblies, Purple Passes for High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, and Excellent Effort, and Student of the Month recognition.  

In addition to celebrating successes, we plan to continue to provide supports to our students when they are not demonstrating their best efforts in either behaviors and/or academics. To accomplish this we will be strengthening two very important programs we presently have in place. One is our PreK-5 Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) program which established expected PAWS behaviors in classrooms, the cafeteria, hallways, on the bus, and at recess. As a reminder, PAWS stands for: 

Also, with the addition of staff designated to provide academic support through interventions, we have revitalized the Academic Intervention Services/Response to Intervention Program as the beginning steps of a more structured scope of delivering multi-tiered support systems for the whole school in multiple areas of student need. Some students deemed in need of additional academic supports may receive Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and/or be supported through Tier II or III leveled Response to Intervention (RtI) services, all of which can be provided by a core content area teacher and/or a staff interventionist once discussed with parents. Looking ahead in The Next Chapter for MCS, these programs are critical for our assisting students!

Before I acknowledge all the new MCS staff additions in The Next Chapter, I want to again practice MCS Mindfulness by thanking everyone who has supported the school students, staff, and families during our recent difficulties and disagreements. I want to also extend much gratitude to all the staff that worked tirelessly to help interview and select our new hires, all who helped clean and beautify our school building and grounds in anticipation of our opening, those who prepared and served summer program meals, all who supervised, coordinated, planned, and taught in our Summer CROP and HS Credit Recovery, drove buses to deliver out students to and from the school, worked diligently to get all schedules, documents and other mailings sent out, and for those that attended team planning meetings in an effort to support the transition into The Next Chapter  in 2021! Thank you!

Welcome to our newest MCS Wildcat members!  I know they are all eager to be part of our Wildcat pride! 

  • Morgan Park, Library-Media Specialist
  • Caitlin Cook-Wightman, Elementary Art Teacher
  •  Alexis Kane, MS/HS PE and Health Teacher
  •  Meghann Moser, grade 2 teacher
  •  Jennifer Flores, Elementary RtI Interventionist
  •  Andrea Thies, HS Algebra/Geometry Teacher
  •  Jennifer Gentles, HS Living Environment Teacher
  •  Olivia Boniello, MS ELA Teacher
  •  Nicole Couse, Guidance/CSE Office Secretary 
  •  Dana Jones, Teacher Aide
  •  Wendy Rumovicz, Teacher Aide
  •  Nancy Jo Bankich, Cafeteria Staff
  •  Susan Edmonds, Cafeteria Staff

 In closing, I am so excited for all the positive opportunities I know are on our horizon. I am enthusiastically looking forward this 2021-22 school year and flipping the page to The Next Chapter!

Mrs. Teresa Glavin