Interscholastic Sports Program

Objective of Interscholastic Sports Program


This program of competitive sports focuses on the fundamentals of the game, team play, understanding of rules, importance of physical and mental training and skill development.  At this introductory level a large emphasis is placed on academics, sportsmanship, chemical-free lifestyle, and physical and emotional growth.  A smaller emphasis is placed on winning and a larger emphasis is placed on participation, not necessarily on an equal basis.


This program places an increased emphasis on team play, physical conditioning, refinement of basic skills, and understanding how the individual fits in a team role.  Winning at the junior varsity level is considered important, however, learning to cope with game situations and how to accept winning and losing with respect are also important.  Maximum participation is important; however, not all participlants may play equally in each contest.


The varsity level of athletic competition is the pinnacle of the high school athletic program.  At this level there is a strong emphasis on acadonemics, sportsmanship, and a chemical-free lifestyle.  Team play, physical ability, motivation, mental attitude, and understanding your role are important aspects of competition at this level.  Varsity contestants are expected to accept the fact that important lessons are to be learned from winning and losing.  It is understood that all participlants may not play in every contest.


The intent of Selection/Classification is to provide for students in grades 7 through 12 a mechanism allowing them to participate safely at an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade.  Students do not mature at the same rate and there can be a tremendaus range of development differences  between students of the same age.  The program is not to be used to fill positions on teams, provide additional experience, provide a place for junior high students when no modified program is offered, or reward a student.  Instead, it is aimed at the few select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness.  It will also be fairer to the other students on the modified teams.