Important Community Letter 10/6/2021

Important Community Letter 10/6/2021
Posted on 10/06/2021

October 6, 2021

Dear Parent,                                                                                                     

It is with great sadness that I must inform you about the tragic loss of one of our students. Last evening, we learned that Kota Flood, a 9th grade student, passed unexpectedly.

The school staff was informed of Kota's death this morning during a meeting before the students arrived at our building. Students in grades 6-12 were told about this tragic event after they arrived in first period class. Our Crisis Team developed both a statement about this incident for teachers to share with students, as well as a guidance document to implement throughout the day. 

Members of our Building Crisis Team have been working with our counselors and other staff members to help students and staff deal with their feelings and emotions.

Please realize that reactions to death are varied and can depend upon such factors as age, personality, previous losses, and relationship to the victim. If you feel your child has been affected by this situation, you can assist your child by doing the following:

*Take time to listen to and talk with your child about what has happened.

*Reassure your child that you will be available to help him/her through this difficult time.

*Help your child verbalize some of the feelings he/she might be feeling but is unable to express.

*Reassure your child that you will do all you can to keep him/her safe. Providing specific examples may help to reduce some of the fear and anxiety.

*Discuss some of the things you and your child might do to express your concern for the victim's family.

At this time, we do not have information to share about a funeral or memorial services.  Should those services take place, and should you decide to allow your child to attend, it is best that you or a responsible person accompany your child.

Any changes in your child's behavior, which seem extreme and/or do not seem to go away, should be brought to the attention of our school counselors, or someone in the community of your choosing, who can assist your child. We will continue to have staff available at school to assist our students in coping with this loss.

Thank you for your support and assistance.



Romona N. Wenck, Interim Superintendent


Additional Resources:  
Otsego County Department of Mental Health                 607-432-2334

Mobile Crisis Assessment Team                                    844-732-6228

Bassett Emergency Department                                     607-547-3355

School Based Health Center                                          607-286-7909

System of Care Behavioral Health Resource Center        607-386-3023   

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