Milford Central School and its partners offer a variety of programs and services for students.

Compensatory education and special education programs help the district meet students’ behavioral, emotional and academic needs while in school. The Food Service department works to provide students with tasty, nutritious, balanced meals.

Students have the option of participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including clubs and athletics. The school library offers resources for student enrichment, including eBooks and other online resources.

Partnerships help enrich student experiences. Bassett Healthcare provides basic medical care for students through the School-Based Health Center. Through our partnership with CFES Brilliant Pathways, we’re giving students an opportunity to forge their route to a bright future. The CFES Brilliant Pathways program prepares students for college and career through mentoring and equipping them with the Essential Skills that include perseverance, agility, goal setting, networking, teamwork, and leadership. The district is also home to the C.O.R.E Institute, an organization that connects local schools with regional employers to prepare students to enter the area workforce.

brilliant pathways